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Nanomed Skincare, Inc. (aka Suzhou Natong), headquartered in Albany, NY, with facilities in the Suzhou Biobay Innovation Park, was established in 2007. The mission of Nanomed Skincare is to provide high-quality skin permeation tools for the beauty industry. Its proprietary Skin Permeation Enhancement tool - SPE™ - is based on advanced fabrication technologies that can reliably produce millions of high-grade microneedles. Each needle is almost invisible to the naked eye with a diameter smaller than that of a strand of human hair yet capable of delivering ingredients of up to 60-70 microns in size to the area below the stratum corneum (Intraepidermal delivery).


Nanomed’s founders include experienced entrepreneurs with track records of success, led by Dr Bai Xu, who was also on the founding faculty team at the launch of the US$14 billion dollar Nanotech Center at SUNY Albany.

Major events

The design of one of the SPE™ models was selected for entry in the final round at the HBA in 2012.


We are presently looking for distributors for our products. If you are interested, please call 888-808-4352

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